Online Games

Here is a collection of Disney Fairy online games.  They range from replicas and snippets of our online world, to new games based on movies and beyond.  I have provided a rating, description, screenshots, and link to each listed game.  More are coming soon, so check back often!

Pixie Hollow Recreations, Snippets, and Worlize Worlds

Disney Fairy Games


Crystal Oakbelle’s Rating:  4/5

Disney’s Pixie Party Couture is a matching game in which you can create fairy fashions with Tinkerbell and the rest of the gang.  The goal is to place the given pieces on the board.  Shoes, shirts, skirts, and accessories are provided for you.  To win each level, you must create a certain number of outfits.  Outfits are assembled by placing shoes, a shirt, and skirt next to each other.  Any accessories attached to this string will result in bonus points.  I took about 40 minutes to get to level 7, and then failed the level.  It’s a great game for anyone who likes to solve puzzles, and the fashions are very appealing.

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast:  Pixie Hollow Pets

Crystal Oakbelle’s Rating:  4/5

Disney’s Pixie Hollow Pets is a standard game that you play through to help take care of all of the animals in the Hollow.  You have to feed them and give them baths to keep them happy, but you can also play unique mini-games with each one of them.  It took me about 30 minutes to play through the whole game and unlock everything.  Paired with great graphics and the ability to customize your game by decorating each animal’s area, this game is a must play!

Tink and Fawn's Fairy Quest Sticker Book

Crystal Oakbelle’s Rating:  2/5

Disney’s Fairy Quest Sticker Book is just what you’d expect: a virtual sticker book.  You can choose the background, characters, and props you’d like to use, then resize and rotate them.  You arrange them to create a picture you like and then have the options to print or screenshot your creation.  It took me about five minutes to make the piece below, and there is a limited selection of stickers to choose from.  If you like the art style, it’s worth a try.   Otherwise, I wouldn’t check it out.

Tinkerbell Stickerbook Creation.PNG

Harvest Hustle

Crystal Oakbelle’s Rating:  5/5

Disney’s Harvest Hustle is the exact same game as the one from Pixie Hollow Online.  The art, levels, and goal are exactly the same.  It makes me think that they just took the code from Pixie Hollow and re-uploaded it to the main Disney site.



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