The Lost Rabbit

A story inspired by Disney’s Pixie Hollow Online and Disney Fairies franchise.

Chapter 1

It was the day before the first day of spring, and it was quite early in the morning.  The sun had just come up, and I was visiting Sunflower Gully.  Not many fairies had awoken from their slumbers.  The only ones up at this time of day way usually myself and a few light talents bringing the new day’s rays of light to the sky.  I had lounged myself on a collection of lily pads on the far side of the river, staring into the stream in front of me.  It was a beautiful day, and the fish were swimming down the river from Cottonpuff Field.  I watched the ripples in the water and counted each fish as they swam by.

I’m a very social fairy, and I love to hang out with others, but I enjoy being alone just as much.  The calm of the river and the simplicity of the ripples is an amazing thing in my mind.  I enjoy the beauty of the light reflecting off of the water as the sun begins to rise, the sky a thousand different colors all at once.  It’s soothing to know that chaos and calm can co-exist.

That’s why I’m always awake at dawn and dusk.  They’re my favorite times of the day.

I reached out with my hand to touch the water.  I brushed the surface with the back of my palm.  It felt nice.  Daydreaming about all the wonders of Pixie Hollow, I continued to brush my hand across the surface of the water and watch the river.  At that moment, a sparrowman approached me from the bank opposite myself.

“Crystal?” he asked.

Startled, I yanked my hand from the water and grabbed it.  I turned to face him, and when I realized nothing was wrong, I loosened my grasp.  “You’ve found her,” I said, standing to face him.

“Oh, good!  The other light talents said this was your usual hangout.  We’ve got a lost bunny in Pumpkin Patch.  Do you think you could-?”

“Oh, yes, of course,” I agreed before he could finish his request.  He nodded, and then took off, leading the way across Sunflower Gully.

Being an animal talent fairy, I am one of the many pixies come to when they need help with a creature.  I am one of the more popular since I’m usually up at times when animal talents were scarce, and I’m quite social.  Quite a few fairies know me for these reasons.

As we flew over the sunflowers and the stream, the sparrowman that had come to find me filled me in on the details of the situation involving the rabbit.  “He’s very skittish,” he said.

“Will he let you get near him?” I questioned.

“No.  He’s limping, and we think his front paw is hurt,” he continued.

“How do you know he’s lost?”

“No bunnies live in Pumpkin Patch.  They all live in the Winter Woods right now.”

“That’s right.  Well, we’ll just have to bring him to the Winter Woods,” I said.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” he agreed as we landed a good distance from the rabbit.

We were among a group of light talent fairies that had been creating the sunrise.  They stood about a pumpkin away from the creature, all of them whispering to each other.  He sat behind the tree stump.

“I hope Thorn gets back here soon with an animal talent fairy.  Who knows what we’ll do if he runs off?” one whispered to her friend.

I came up behind the group and they moved out of my way.  “How long has he been here?” I asked, seeking more information.

“We found him about twenty minutes ago.  No idea how long before that he was here.”

I approached him, staying low to the ground with my hands visible to him.  “Hey there, fella,” I said in the language of the rabbits.  “No one’s going to hurt you.”

He moved away from me.

“Everything’s going to be alright.  Don’t you worry.  Are you hurt?”

The creature dashed off, headed for the Home Tree.  I flew after him, as fast as I could.  It was no use.  He had gotten away.

I flew in a hurry to the Home Tree, hoping that I could find a way to get help.  When I arrived, the place was a mess.

Flowers were trampled, baskets had been spilled, and the Pixie Postings bulletin board had been destroyed.  Marina was hovering above the Fairy Tale Theater.  “The rabbit from Animal Derby is missing!”

“I think I know where he is.  He was just in Pumpkin Patch.  He’s hurt, and lost.  Find Fawn, and any other animal talents you run into.  Get them to meet me in the Winter Woods.  We’re gonna find him.”

Marina nodded, and flew off.  We were going to find this rabbit, and we were going to make sure he was returned home to Animal Derby safely.