Hey, everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

1, 198 emails.  That’s what I’ve come back to.  XD

How’s life?  Any new pixie happenings I should go catch up on?

I see FairyABC seems to be doing well.  My account got deleted to clear up the servrs, and I haven’t found out how to make a new one yet, so it might be a while before you see me on there.

I’m sorry for being gone so long with little to no explanation.  My internet was nonexistnet for several months, school got insanely busy, and then of course family emergencies had to pop up.  It’s been a busy while.  I’m hoping that with summer starting  in a month I’ll have lots of time on my hands to get involved again.

How is everybody?

I’m glad to be back.  🙂


Crystal Oakbelle


5 thoughts on “Hey, everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

  1. Faith Fancypuff says:

    Hi Crystal, welcome back 😊 It’s so good to hear from you. I’ve really missed you. I’m glad to hear that you are doing okay. I figured you must have been very busy with school. We all know that struggle. It must have been very hard though living without internet for months. I am also so sorry to hear that you had family emergencies going on as well. Sending my love, thoughts, and prayers for you and your family.

    Yes, FairyABC now deletes accounts if they go unused for awhile. Happened to me, too. It was easy to create a new one, though. By the way, my name was Snowflake when last we spoke. I changed my pixie’s name from Snowflake to Faith to better reflect who she is.

    As far as catching up on recent pixie happenings, I’d say the best thing to do would be to simply visit our blogs and catch up on our recent posts. Since you have been gone for quite some time it would be overwhelming to sort through all of those emails and read every single post you’ve missed. No worries though! What I’m trying to say is it’s perfectly okay to jump in again from where you are. I know many other pixies will be happy to see you, too!

    See ya ’round the waterfall,
    Faith Fancypuff

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  2. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Welcome back, Crystal!!! 😀 We’ve missed you ❤
    Things have been kind of quiet in the PBC lately, but I'm sure things will pick up once the semester wraps up 😉
    Like Faith said, I would also suggest just flying around to the pixie blogs to see what has been going on since you left…both good and bad…
    Just so you know, the Pixie Hangout was compromised and is no longer being used by most members of the PBC. Most of us use FairyABC to chat and communicate now. However, the site can be glitchy. I haven't been able to log into my account for several weeks, because I setup my log in with a security question, but that question no longer appears as an option in the list, so it won't let me log in 😦 I've emailed the admins multiple times with no answer, so I'm wondering if I should just create a new account…I really don't want to lose all my settings, friends, etc., but it's getting to the point where they're probably going to delete my account anyway due to inactivity :-/

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