Back to School DIYs: Pixie Hollow Style

School is just around the corner on the Mainland.  My first day is in August, but quite a few other pixies start in September.  What better way to prepare for the summer to end than to make and decorate your own Pixie Hollow inspired school supplies?  Additionally, you can buy stationary and other supplies (like erasers) that give off a Pixie Hollow vibe.


You can buy any notebook in any style you want and then decorate it to fit your personality, fairy, or style!  I thought of three ways you can go with this (or even more if you combine them).

  1. Centering the design around Tinkerbell and her friends or other fairies (which is great for elementary school, but might be considered a little young in some higher grades).  One might even be inspired to make their notebook look similar to Lizzie’s field journal.
  2. Themeing it around nature or other aspects of Pixie Hollow, such as snowflakes for winter fairies; spider webs, dewdrops, and ripples for water talents; flowers, grass, and other plants for garden talents; your favorite creatures for animal talents; lost things for tinkers; and so on.  I really like this option because it can be a little bit more discreet and mature.
  3. The last design I came up with was quotes.  You know, like the pretty ones on images with the awesome fonts and designs that you see online all the time?  I have a Pinterest board with some examples.  You can select your own quotes and write them on the covers of your notebooks.  I recommend choosing some from Peter Pan or the Disney Fairies movies, like “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust”.

The decorating part is pretty simple, once you know what you want it to look like.  Get creative with stickers (especially the 3D scrapbooking ones), scarpbooking papers, rhinestons, glitte glue, and different colored pens and markers (don’t forget the sparkly ones!).  You could also use coloring sheets by cutting them out and then pasting them on your notebook.  I have a Pinterest board full of some that would be great.  For some somewhat detailed tutorials you can follow or use as inspiration, see:

I recommend just decorating the cover and leaving a space somewhere near the top for you to label the notebook, but it’s up to you!  You can decorate the spine and back as well.  I find it useful to label each notebook on the front and spine, that way if it’s on a shelf you can tell what it is, and if it’s laying face up you can as well.


If you’re using a binder that doesn’t have a zipper and has the pocket to insert a paper on the front (like these), you can cut a piece of paper to fit in your binder’s cover and decorate it like described above in the Notebooks section of this post.  Just slide it in the front when you’re done, and you’re ready to go!  If you decide to, you can also decorate the back and spine with pieces of paper cut to fit each area, as previously mentioned in this section.


If you have a locker, you can get magnets in shapes of flowers and leaves, as well as fairies.  You might also want to have a storage bin for extra writing utensils, which you can decorate by wrapping some scrapbook paper around and adding stickers or drawings to.  If you’re lucky, you can find a chalkboard or whiteboard with fairies on it at your local dollar store.  If that doesn’t work, you can get a plain one and add a strip of paper to the side as a border.  Decorate the border with stickers and drawings.


If you do end up decorating any of your on supplies, feel free to send me the pictures!  I’d love to see them.  🙂


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