Poll: Monthly PBC Newsletter

Hey there, everyfairy!  I’m really excited to share an idea I’ve had for my blog with you guys.

The idea is a monthly PBC newsletter in the form of an email.  It would contain highlights from the previous month so that you could catch up on anything major you missed, and also contain any major news for the coming month, like PBC events and PEF missions.  If it’s something the other blogs would be interested in, we could even compile it into one big newsletter containg news from all the fairy blogs, like a list of that month’s arrival dates, and blog bombs, and anything else of importance we’d want the whole community to know!  We could feature a blog every month, or even a game/recreation…  The list goes on and on forever!

Now, before I set this up, how many of you would actually subscribe to it?  If it has some great feedback, then I might do it.  If no one’s really into the idea, then I’ll probably leave the idea in the back of my mind for some other time.

All of that being said, feel free to leave suggestions and questions in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Poll: Monthly PBC Newsletter

  1. Snowflake Fancypuff says:

    Hi Crystal 🙂
    I don’t think we’ve met before. My name is Snowflake Fancypuff. I’m a garden fairy, and a new blogger in the PBC, as of April.
    I saw your post on Raven’s blog.
    I think this is a great idea you have! Especially for someone like me, I tend to be disorganized and am always afraid I’ll miss one of my friend’s posts. A monthly newsletter will help us keep track of each other’s blog posts, ideas and events, and other PBC events. I think it would also be a great idea to write about events held by the Pixie Hollow Forum in the newsletter.
    I am so thrilled by your proposal!
    Happy Flying ❤

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    • Crystal Oakbelle says:

      It’s nice to meet you, Snowflake! I always enjoy getting to explore new blogs. Yours was quite a find. 😉 I joined the PBC sometime in the middle of May, so your blog is about three weeks older than mine.

      Thanks for the support of my idea! Writing about the forums would also be a great touch. I’ll make sure to add it to the list of ideas we should include in the newsletter.

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog. 😀

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  2. roseapplefog says:

    Seems like a good idea! You might not know me, I’m a blogger that was originally on Google Blogs, but since the majority of Pixie Hollow bloggers were on WordPress, I decided to move here. My pixie name in the game was Rose Applefog. I saw your post reblogged on Raven Mistycloud’s blog. This is a good way to catch up on posts missed, since you don’t always have time to check every post on every blog.

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