Touring Disney: A Blog Post Series

Disney’s website features a whole lot of neat content.  There are games, videos, blog posts, quizzes, tutorials, and so much more!  You might have seen the Disney Fairies site that replaced Pixie Hollow, featured on the subdomain

While the section of the site has been there in various forms, apearances, and locations, the Disney Fairies have been present on Disney’s site for as long as they’ve been around.

An interesting feature of the site is the vast amount of content centered around Tink and her friends.  One can find movie clips and trailers, interviews, deleted scenes, games, quizzes, tutorials, and all around good pixie fun on the site.

While Disney’s site certainly isn’t the only way to find Disney Fairies content, it is a great source for such.  I thought I’d take the time in a series of posts to tour the site and review it’s content.  In the next while, I’ll be making posts on individual games, collections of videos, and anything else I can find!

The series will be called “Touring Disney”.  Check back soon for the first post in this new series!


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