Secret of the Wings: What Happened to the Minister of Winter?

SPOILER WARNING!  This post contains minor spoilers to Secret of the Wings and Tinkerbell the Movie.

Remember in Tinkerbell’s first movie how there were the four ministers, one for each season?

Queen Clarion with all four ministers.  From the left:  Minster of Summer, Minister of Spring, Queen Clarion, Minister of Autumn, and Minister of Winter.

What happened to the Minister of Winter?  When you watch Secret of the Wings, there’s no mention of her.  Is it possible she passed away because children stopped believing in fairies?  Or was it just a detail that the film creators overlooked?

Any why does Winter have a Lord?  Do the other seasons have one?

I don’t know if we’ll ever find out the answers to any of these questions, but it does bother me that such things were overlooked by the film creators.  I need answers!  XD

Wherever you are Minister of Winter, we still like you!  Please come back to help bring Winter to the Mainland.

Yours truly,

Crystal Oakbelle (who watched the movies last night)


3 thoughts on “Secret of the Wings: What Happened to the Minister of Winter?

  1. Raven says:

    In my mind, Lord Milori acts as the queen for the Winter Woods, since Queen Clarion can’t visit there herself. However, he acts as queen, and, therefore, cannot leave to help bring winter to the Mainland!

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  2. Rose MorningMist says:


    I’ve always thought that Lord Milori looked after the laws and kept the peace and so on, whereas the Minister of Winter takes care of bringing Winter to the Mainland.

    (We think alike, Raven XP)


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